Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE)

Gresham and Associates, Inc. employs several Subsurface Utility Engineering professionals. Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) records the horizontal and vertical location of utilities within a prescribed area of land. This technique can also provide the size and configuration of the utility. SUE services can be used for airports, railroads, highways, building construction, sanitation, and any other project where underground utilities may be encountered. SUE adds value, quality, and accountability to any project.

SUE combines engineering, physics, and surveying. When properly utilized, it reduces delays and/or conflicts during projects. In many states it has become a requirement for any road or highway infrastructure project. It is recommended by the Federal Highway Administration and other governmental agencies.

Gresham and Associates, Inc. Professional Land Surveyors will perform a final review of, seal, and sign all applicable submissions, including but not limited to original field notes, sketches, electronic data, and plats.

Gresham and Associates, Inc. performs all four levels of care for Subsurface Utility Engineering as set forth by The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). ASCE calls for four levels of care (listed below) in a guideline entitled CI/ASCE 38-02.

  • Quality Level D - Information derived from existing records or oral recollections of existing utility holders.
  • Quality Level C - Information obtained by surveying and plotting visible above-ground utility features and by using professional judgment in correlating this information to Quality Level D.
  • Quality Level B - Information obtained through the application of appropriate surface geophysical methods to determine the existence and approximate horizontal position of subsurface utilities.
  • Quality Level A - Precise horizontal and vertical location of utilities obtained by the actual exposure and subsequent measurement of subsurface utilities, usually at a specific point.

By performing all of the above levels of care, Gresham and Associates, Inc. ensures that all of its SUE projects are accurate and dependable.

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