Railway Design and Surveying

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Railway surveying encompasses a wide range of surveying practices from cadastral surveys to high precision control and monumentation, to specialized railway surveying. Railway surveying is focused on providing and managing the spatial information required for the design and maintenance of railroad infrastructure. Railway surveying requires the use of rigorous surveying techniques, technical standards, and design principles that allow tracks and associated infrastructure to be designed, built, and maintained so that trains can move safely at an optimum speed over the system.

Mr. Gresham began his surveying career as an intern in the civil engineering department of the A.T. & S.F. Railway Company, surveying projects in Colorado, Kansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas. Surveying projects include experience in route surveying for rail lines and product transmission pipelines, site development topographic and boundary surveys, mine surveys, and right-of-way alignment surveys.

Major project experience includes:

  • Design & Survey on connecting A.T.&S.F. and Burlington Northern R.R. with interlocking switches east end of switching yardsAmarillo, – TX ($4,000,000 Project)
  • TKDA – Survey Burlington Northern fueling facility – Amarillo, TX
  • Auto Unloading Facility-Amarillo, TX
  • Auto Unloading Facility -Oklahoma City, OK
  • Auto Unloading Facility -Albuqerque, NM
  • BNSF and West Friona Grain – Site & topographic Survey for Proposed Spur Track at West Friona Grain in Friona, TX Parmer Co.
  • BNSF Intermodal Facility; Site & Topographic Survey of Amarillo Intermodal Facility Access Dr.- 182, Blk 2, AB&M Survey Randall Co.
  • Boundary survey  for Catellus Management; in Sections 21,22,27,28,33, T11S R24E, East of the Sixth Principle Meridian, Wyandotte Co., Kansas City, KS
  • Prepare Site & Topographic surveys on Union Pacific Auto Unloading Facility Santa Rosa, NM
  • ATSF c/o Catellus Management – Approximately 205 acre Tract in section 10, T13N R3W of the Indian Meridian Oklahoma City, OK
  • ATSF c/o Catellus Management – Approximately 283 acre tract out of section 30, t11N, R2W of the Indian Meridian Oklahoma City, OK
  • Downtown Santa Fe Depot; Boundary Survey of 1.5 + acre for Passenger Depot Oklahoma City, OK
  • Layout & Plan Production for Rail Scale and related track construction Joslin, IL.
  • Layout & Plan Production for Track Scale and related track construction Garden City, KS.
  • Layout & Plan Production for Track Scale and related track construction Amarillo, TX
  • Site and topographic survey (15000 feet of unit train storage) between Mile Post 3.5 and 5.0 in Carson Co., TX
  • Auto Unloading Facility – Topographic, Boundary and Subdivision Platting -- Amarillo, TX
  • BNSF 1999 Bridge Program: Topo Design Surveys of Bridge Sites in California, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona & Oklahoma
  • Mapping Railroad Project – Fort Sill (Lawton) OK
  • Survey for Alignment & Cross-Section of 9,000 + feet; BNSF Railroad side Track Extension, Fruitland, Texas
  • 120 acre boundary survey & subdivision plat for Union Pacific Rail Road located in Industrial City Subdivision Unit #4 , Amarillo, TX

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