Oil & Gas Surveying

Oil, Gas, & Pipeline Development

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Gresham and Associates,  Inc. surveyors provide experience and precision to aid in the design and development of oil, gas, and pipeline projects. We have the depth of expertise required to meet the challenges of supporting large projects of energy development across the Southwestern United States. GAI participation in energy project development began in the ‘80s with construction staking of pipeline projects and digital mapping of pipeline right of way corridors. Today GAI is able to extend professional services to the Oil and Gas Industry in 11 Western states.

Oil, gas, & pipeline survey qualifications include, but are not limited to:
  • Lease Boundary Surveys
  • Well Locating and Platting
  • Pipeline Route Platting and Staking
  • Pipeline As-built Surveys

For more information route surveying, please email us or call 806.359.9648.