Construction Quality Management 

Surveying plays an important role in any construction project. Surveying services are needed when construction plans call for high precision measurement and layout. Construction surveying is needed both before and after a construction project. It is used before construction begins to establish the location and alignment of highways, bridges, buildings, pipes, and other man-made objects. After projects are completed, an as-built survey is sometimes performed to locate any modifications that were made during construction..

A surveyor must not only calculate distances and grades correctly, he must also communicate with the contractor effectively. At GAI we have surveyed property for millions of dollars of construction improvements. Our teams of construction surveyors are experienced, precise, and professional. We schedule effectively to minimize potential damages so construction can go forward as planned. We understand that you need a company that is accurate from beginning to end to make sure that your project goes smoothly and is completed on time and within budget.

Gresham and Associates, Inc. has been responsible for the surveying supervision of over one billion dollars of construction improvement at the Conoco Phillips Refinery in Borger, Texas. We have also been responsible for the construction layout of pipelines, roadways, wind farms, and countless other endeavors.

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